Corporate Gifts

Anthony Holt & Sons produce a range of bespoke, high quality products in hallmarked sterling silver, and silver plate.

Anthony Holt & Sons cooperate with many well known companies and corporations creating bespoke gifts for their customers and staff. We create luxury wooden boxes for car purchases, as well as silver accessories for staff and customer gifts, etc..

Anthony Holt & Sons can supply a bespoke range of branded accessories including:

1. Hand built in the United Kingdom

At Anthony Holt & Sons our models are all hand made in the United Kingdom by Master Artisans with a combined experience of 250 years. Their knowledge and attention to deal is exemplary.

2. The finest materials

At Anthony Holt & Sons we only use the finest materials available. We use a minimum standard of 925 hallmark sterling silver to 999 pure silver for our models. To improve quality, we now plate in house in order to maintain the highest standards for our silver, 24ct gold, and rhodium (rhodium is part of the platinum group of metals). We use the finest quality leather and velvet to line our bespoke boxes, as well as handpicked solid woods and veneers for our boxes.

3. Perfect replicas

Anthony Holt & Sons have perfected the use of CAD and Stereolithography which allows us to make intricate detailed products in quantity and at a budget. We work from drawings, blueprints, and files to produce outstanding silver models. Our models can be produced in any scale that you require: 1:43, 1:24, 1:18, 1:12, and our Masterpiece 1:8 scale.

4. Showcase

At Anthony Holt & Sons you can have either a perspex or glass case that will showcase and protect your model; or choose from our large range of plinths either in black, or made from mahogany, walnut macassar ebony, ripple sycamore, marble, or slate, etc..

5. Iconic

We are masters of creating replica icons from every period; whether you are looking for a Bugatti Chiron or a 1907 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, we can help and advise.

6. Perfect gifts

At Anthony Holt & Sons we endeavour to produce your unique gift within the pre-agreed deadline. Whether a gift for yourself, a birthday, anniversary, or an award, etc., it is important for us to keep you up to date with our progress.

Our team are always available to answer your questions and help you find the perfect gift.

Contact our team today to discuss your ideas and ask any questions that you might have concerning our services and products.