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Bespoke Furniture

Luxury items for the home and office

Planning to customise your house, plane, or yacht? Anthony Holt & Sons specialise in creating bespoke furnishings to match your aesthetic taste. All our furniture is made to order and is created using the finest materials available on the market.

Anthony Holt & Sons are pleased to offer a full range of bespoke items and services such as:

  • Chandeliers Sconces
  • Partners desks
  • Dining room tables
  • Fireplace Grates
  • Jardinières
  • Candelabras

Contact us today to discuss your ideas.

Wooden Furniture

Hand crafted wardrobes, partner desks and tables are just some of the items that Anthony Holt & Sons have had the pleasure in creating. All items are made to meet your decor/style choices and are build with the finest materials available.

Speak to our team to start your furniture build.

House Decor

From custom chandeliers to silver sconces, we have a catalogue of beautifully crafted home furnishings and accessories. We can create unique times that match the theme of your home and can tailor the precious metals to make a truly breath-taking item.

1. Custom Design

All of the items we produce are one-off pieces meaning you will own a unique article of furniture for your home.

2. Single Pieces & Complete Sets

We often have requests for single tables and wardrobes, but we also create complete furniture sets to suit your home.

3. Jet & Yacht furniture

We don't just create furnishings for your home, we have also made several luxury items for private jets & yachts.