Luxury Humidors

The highest quality cigar humidors

The bespoke range of boxes are hand made in England by master craftsman. Using the best materials and exotic woods we are able to produce the exact specifications the clients requires.

Our bodies are made from solid walnut or mahogany and come with a selection of veneers to suit individual tastes.

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Our bespoke range of Humidors have book matched veneers and are supplied with sterling silver hallmarked fittings.

All of our Humidors come supplied with humidifier frames and hydrometer bezels that are all hand made by master craftsmen in the United Kingdom.

We use traditional methods of construction from hand fabrication, castings, electroforming and stamping to give the high quality that Anthony Holt & Sons are known for.

All our fitting are rhodium plated to stop the tarnishing process and to give a high polished lustre.