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Silver Aircraft Models

Luxury silver plane models that are a fantastic addition to any aviation collection

Anthony Holt & Sons’ master artisans have completed a number of bespoke silver aircraft models for our customers ranging from Learjets to WW11 Spitfires. These are a must have for any aviation model collector, or fan.

All of our models are made from the finest silver plating and come with operating / removable parts. Every fine detail of the model is carefully hand made to provide the ultimate design and create a truly unique item. Speak to our team now about our bespoke design services.

Silver Private Jet Models

Beautifully crafted airplane models make perfect gifts for any aviation fan. Each model is hand designed and built to match the specification of the real-life version.

Our models are mounted on luxury wooden plinths with the option to customise further with messages or alternative styles.

Perfection in every detail

All of our models are lovingly designed so they match every detail of the real-life version. An additional touch are the moveable rotors, flaps, and removable pilot.

Silver Spitfires

Anthony Holt & Sons have created several bespoke silver Spitfires over the years that capture the essence of this World War II icon.

Our models are perfectly presented on wooden plinths and are displayed in their own iconic poses. Get in touch now to get your silver Spitfire project started.