1930 Birkin Blower Bentley

Exquisite Silver Car Model

The hallmarked sterling silver 1:12 scale fully detailed replica of the 1929 Birkin Blower Bentley is hand made by master craftsman Mr. Gil Holt using the combination of traditional skills and modern technology marrying the two process together making a unique exquisite crafted silver model.

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The model has an opening bonnet to reveal the fully detailed engine, bulkhead with detail of the engine sump, flywheel, exhaust system, brakes, and suspension. The opening doors shows the fully detailed dashboard, seats, gear stick and pedals.

Each model is highly polished and rhodium plated to stop the tarnishing process that is synonymous with silver.

The model is mounted onto a black polyester plinth with thirty coats of high gloss polyester lacquer to give the deep high gloss mirror sheen. A hallmarked sterling silver inscription plate can be supplied and fitted to the plinth.

This is truly a unique item for any classic car collector or enthusiast. Get in touch with our team today to immortalise your pride and joy.