Mens Wooden Valet Box holding Four Watches

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Luxury Wooden Valet & Watch Box - personalised for you

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Anthony Holt & Sons personalised valet boxes – available for immediate delivery

Anthony Holt & Sons produces an exquisite range of personalised men’s valet boxes. Traditionally, these have been created bespoke for the customer. However, we are proud to announce a new range of valet boxes available for immediate dispatch; these can also be personalised to make the gift unique for the customer.

Luxury men’s valet boxes – available in two designs

The design of the valet box is available in two designs. The image on the left illustrates the valet box, which holds four watches and has two compartments for accessories. The second design (below) shows the rectangular design, which holds three watches with two compartments dedicated to accessories such as tie pins, cufflinks, or rings.
Both versions have a luxurious black interior as standard.

Luxury velvet interior

The interior is black velvet lined with a set of handmade watch pads upholstered in the same luxury velvet; each has a rear strap to secure the watch in place.
As with the exterior, the interior of these boxes is hand-finished by highly skilled craftsmen. We want the very best for our customers at all times.

Both sizes are also available in walnut.

As an alternative to the maple stained black, we also produce the same wooden valet boxes in walnut.

We can add a silver inlaid silhouette on the lid.

To personalise the box for the recipient, we can add a silver inlaid silhouette to the outer lid of the box. The silhouette is inlaid into the wood before the final layers of lacquer are applied, creating a beautifully smooth and seamless finish.
We can create a silhouette of a favourite car, yacht, or plane. Alternatively, we can add a written inscription, name, or company logo. Please get in touch with us on 0797 643 1917 to discuss your ideas; we love to help clients design the personalised aspects of their boxes.

Personalise your box with an engraving plate…

A handmade watch & valet box is a real treasure to own. We are always delighted to customise boxes by adding a hallmarked sterling silver engraving plate on the interior of the box lid. We are experts in engraving, so adding an inscription, a name, dedication message, anniversary date, a company logo is easily achieved.
To discuss the personalisation of your valet box, please get in touch by email or phone, and we will be more than happy to talk you through the options available. Telphone 0797 643 1917

Hand made velvet watch pads.

The security and safety of your watch collection are fundamental. For this reason, our velvet-lined watch pockets are deep, and the watch pads fit snugly. This ensures all watches, slim or large, are held securely in place. Each pad is flexible and can be slipped inside fastened watch-straps of varying diameters whilst staying firm enough to support the watch squarely in place inside the box. Each pad has a loop on the underside to secure the watch strap.


The Anthony Holt & Sons wooden valet box holds 4 watches.
It is 21cm in length, 8cm high and 22cm deep.
(8.25” x 3” x 8.5”) approx.

The Anthony Holt & Sons rectangular wooden valet box holds 3 watches.
It is 15.5cm in length, 9cm high, and 17.3cm deep.
(6” x 3.5” x 8.5”) approx.

Each watch pad is 8cm x 5cm with a 20cm circumference. 

How to Order

To order, please get in touch with us by email
or call on 0797 643 1917
to discuss the personalisation of your watch box.

"Storing your treasured watches and gentleman accessories in a valet box ensures they are protected from dirt, dust and sudden humidity changes. We are very proud of our new range of customised wooden boxes available from stock, allowing us to supply the finished box to our customers very quickly"   Gil Holt - Director: Anthony Holt & Sons.
Luxury Watch box velvet pad
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Valet Box 3 Watch Bentley R Type Continental
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Valet Box 4 Watch 2 Cufflink
Valet Box 4 Watch 2 Cufflink
Valet Box 4 Watch 2 Cufflink