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Handmade Bentley Models – Client Commissions

Anthony Holt & Sons have produced sterling silver Bentley models and luxury handcrafted Bentley wooden boxes for clients worldwide, including Bentley Motors.

Our master craftsmen produce high-quality products that live up to the expectations of a luxury brand like Bentley Motors, founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919. It is one of the finest British luxury brands.

Our Bentley models and accessories are perfect for owners and enthusiasts. We have also worked directly with Bentley Motors and its dealerships providing bespoke gifts for their clients. So if you are interested in commissioning a model, please do contact us today.

Created in 1:24 scale, our authentic replica of the 4.5 litre Blower Bentley was hand made in sterling silver for Bentley Motors as a dealer award.

Winner of the 1928 Le Mans 48 hour endurance race and setting several speed records at Brooklands in 1932, the Blower established a prestigious reputation for Bentley Motors Cars.

This 1:18 scale fully detailed model of the Continental GTC was a personal commission. The model took 10 months to produce and has opening doors, boot and bonnet showing the detailed engine.

The model is mounted onto a solid walnut,  burr walnut veneer plinth with 25 coats of high gloss polyester lacquer.

Our passion is creating and replicating with immense detail silver models. With over a hundred years of company experience, we can reproduce the finest and most exacting detail from a car in silver.

With many working components, doors, bonnets, boot lids, highly detailed engines, we create models which are bespoke to the owner and match their vehicle — often commissioned as a unique gift, either by the owner, dealership or by Bentley Motors.

bentley silver model
bentley blower silver model
bentley blower silver model
bentley blower silver model
bentley blower silver model
Bentley Blower silver replica
bentley silver model